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tue @ Abbey Lounge [Nov. 21st, 2005|03:16 pm]
Amber Spyglass
Come out, Come out from wherever you are.

Leah Callahan has a new band called The Glass Set. She got a whole bunch of bands together for her Abbey residency this month to help celebrate her new CD release…And those who know her – know she’s an excellent party planner – so come out and celebrate with us!

What: The Glass Set residency party…it’s a PARTY
When: Tuesday 11/22, 7pm–1am
Where: Abbey Lounge,3 Beacon St Sq Somerville www.abbeylounge.com 21+

The following is encouraged: Dancing, fancy dresses, exotic beverages, craziness, leftover Halloween candy, sing-a-longs, and massages…

Leah Callahan says this about Amber Spyglass… "Mix This Mortal Coil with a touch of Nino Rota and you have what Amber Spyglass has become. A pair of lovers with as deep a love for their musical creations as for each other; they take you to the Middle East by way of the Wild West, to create a splendid collection of songs where John has let his expansive musical fantasies run wild to frame his muse, Kelly, with golden gilded splendor."

Main Stage- features all Ominous Collective bands except us - we are the OmColl guests of the night :) www.ominouscollective.net

9:00 Optic Rose (electronic, industrial, acoustic guitars, speak- n-says, performance art)
9:45 Thylacine (swirl of rock/pop melody, gritty guitar and electronic ambience)
10:45 Amber Spyglass – uh huh – that’s us…and we’re doing a special song in our set.sshhh.
11:45 Glass Set (death disco - have you heard their Cure cover?)

Intimate pub stage: 8:00 What Time is it Mr. Fox? (neo-cabaret/folk/blues w/sexy male vox)