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2 Amber Spyglassshows this weekend [Mar. 16th, 2010|06:10 pm]
Amber Spyglass
[mood |chipperchipper]

Hello everyone...hope you didn't get flooded out as much as we did with the rainstorm! Jeech....What a mess.

Anyway - we have to 2 shows this weekend (when Spring officially starts :)

Saturday 3/20
Gulu-Gulu in Salem - nice atmosphere, super delicious food and drink menu
opening the night is Faebotica (Beautiful, haunting, groove-oriented darkFaerie trance folk music)
free! all ages

Sunday 3/21
Church in Boston - elegant club/restaurant with great food and drinks....see the pattern here???
we open the night at 9pm SHARP!
Followed by Dreamchild (ethereal nightmares and fever dreams)
ending the night with Voltaire (neo-victorian gypsy pirate vaudeville band)
This show is presented by F Nice records. $10 18+

In case you haven't heard/seen us lately...we have a new (and must say, awesome!) lineup:

Melika on bass (also plays with Lucretia's Daggers and Emmy Cerra)

Anne-Marie Bottcher on cello ( ex Twelfth of Never, Ginger Ibex)

Dave Low on drums (ex-Silencio)

We're resurrecting a couple old tunes and a new one - so come out and have fun with us

Amber Spyglass